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The Gas Station cannabis strain is a pure Indica created at Clouds farms in San Jose, California, by the famous Loompa breeder. Her parentage is kept secret. Gas marijuana produces beautiful light green buds covered in amber hairs and transparent trichomes. When smoked they taste pine and lemons with a diesel undertone. She can be enjoyed by most users due to the moderate 20-28% THC level. Gas marijuana strain is good for evening and nighttime medical and recreational use due to its sedative properties.

While Gas can be an informal term used to describe quality cannabis — similar to “loud” — Gas is also the name of at least one proper strain. Breeder Loompa of the San Jose growing operation Cloud Farms has created a strain called Gas Station that is thought to be a distinct phenotype of OG Kush. Named for its gasoline-like aroma, this bud has THC levels measured between 20% and 28%.

Gas Station (Oz)

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